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Post by Wendy Patriquin on Sat May 09, 2015 2:43 pm

Week 1 Day 1
 long duration cardio at gym  treadmill 45 mins

Day 2
Workout at home #1...phew!

Day 3
cardio at the gym HIIT #1

Day 4
cardio and gym circuit

Day 5

Cardio at gym

Day 6
Rest day for me..working night shift last nite and tonite.

Day 7
Cardio and circuit at gym, increasing weights

Day 8
Cardio at gym

Day 9
rest day, not feeling great

Day 10
cardio and circuit at gym

Day 11  Rest day, worked 12 hours at job

Day 12 cardio and circuit at gym

Day 13 cardio and circuit at gym

Day 14 cardio and circuit at gym, concentrated on legs

Day 15 rest day working nite shift last nite and tonite

Day 16,17,18 hurt my back at work, rest days for me. Hope to be back to gym tomorrow. Carefully watching food intake due to no exercise Sad

Day 19, back to the gym yah!!  Circuit and cardio  Smile

Day 20 and 21 working back shift 7pm-7am...lots of walking at work.

Day 22 cardio and circuit at gym

Day 23 really lazy day did nothing but I did follow eating.

Day 24 cardio and circuit at gym

Day 25 Cardio at gym

Day 26 cardio and gym circuit

Day 27 big cardio day at the gym

Day 28 cardio and circuit

Day 29 Cardio

Day 30 cardio and circuit

Day 31 cardio  Joined evolve May 4th and today marks 5 weeks. I lost 14 lbs and 14.5 inches so far, very happy!

Day 32 cardio and circuit at gym

Day 33 and 34 working nite shift no gym
Day 35 cardio and circuit
Day 36 Cardio
Day 37 Cardio and circuit

Day 38 Cardio

Day 39 Cardio
Day 40 cardio and circuit

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