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Past Week 6 -> How to maintain

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Past Week 6 -> How to maintain Empty Past Week 6 -> How to maintain

Post by PatrickLR Sun Feb 22, 2015 6:15 pm

Hi Matt / Mitch

I'm sure a lot of us are wondering "so how do I keep this past week six". I'm happy with my results, and I want to keep myself this way. Besides for the awareness I've learnt, new healthy habits, etc, do you have tips on maintaining this weight?

For example: the calculator for calories, etc we have been using, its desire (and result) has been consistently loosing weight (relatively) each week. Is there a version that is "I just want to stay this weight"?

I can't wait to work beer back into my life (yes, BEER), the occasional pasta, etc, but am worried I don't really have a game plan for life after this 6 weeks.



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Past Week 6 -> How to maintain Empty Re: Past Week 6 -> How to maintain

Post by Admin Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:22 pm

Hey Patrick-great question. I think the main thing is awareness of what you are eating and drinking and strategies to minimize the damage. So on days you want to drink beer you are going to want to limit your calories/carbs leading up to the beers and on days you want to eat pasta make sure it is a good hard workout day. There are lots of different ways to go about it but I would keep doing what you are doing and slowly reintroduce things you want and just be aware of what is in them


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