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Salt & Vinegar Sweet Potatoes

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Salt & Vinegar Sweet Potatoes Empty Salt & Vinegar Sweet Potatoes

Post by Cailin Fri Jan 30, 2015 4:30 am

A different way of eating sweet potatoes on your Low GI day. I've made these a few times and love them.

Peel or wash 2-3 medium sweet potatoes.
Slice thin with a mandolin or with a sharp knife into chips (like potato chips).
Place in ziplock bag with 1/3 cup malt vinegar, shake and let soak at room temperature for 10-15 minutes.
Preheat oven to 375. Line baking sheet with tinfoil and spray lightly with cooking spray.
Lay out sweet potato lightly spray with cooking spray and sprinkle with 1.5tsp sea salt.
Cook for 15-20mins.
Flip and sprinkle with 1.5tsp sea salt.
Cook for 15-20mins more until crispy.
Let cool and enjoy. Can be of course eaten right away or stored in a table top container for snacks.

Malt vinegar is good for you and helps break down green veggies and get more calcium out of them also it helps improve digestion.


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