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Low Carb Taco Salad

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Low Carb Taco Salad Empty Low Carb Taco Salad

Post by katie.underhill Tue Jan 27, 2015 6:08 pm

1 pkg ground turkey (I split this into 4 servings)
Mrs. Dash No Salt Taco Seasoning ( 2 tbsp for All 4 servings combined.. ie: 1/2 tbsp each serving)
2 cups Romaine Lettuce
2 fresh stalks Cilantro
1 stalk Green Onion
2 tbsp Fresh Salsa
1 tbsp OPA by litehouse Feta Dill Dressing
Guacamole ( I use the 100 cal portions you can get at sobeys by the hummus)

Fry 1 pkg of ground turkey and add 2 tbsp of Mrs Dash seasoning. ( only 2 tbsp for all of the meat as it has hidden carbs, if you add more you will have to up the carbs). Once meat is cooked its pretty straight forward. Combing all other ingredients, toss in salsa and, feta dill dressing and add guacamole on the side.

Calories (including veggies): 300
Protein: 23.5
Fat: 16
Carbs (not incl. veggies): 5


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