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Kale salad

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Kale salad Empty Kale salad

Post by suz_clarke Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:46 pm

I know right... on first thought doesn't sound appealing or like you might be chewing for a lifetime... Have no fear, this is delic, can be made many ways and when brought to a potluck is always a hit!

1) Making the kale salad consumption friendly
*Kale (I often do a bunch at a time depending on the size. Once it goes through the prep process it shrinks down quite a bit)
*Drizzle of oil ~ 3/4 table spoon or so(I usually use olive oil, but use what you like /fits your dietary needs)

-Wash the kale, remove from the thick parts of the stem and dry as best you can, rip into somewhat manageable sizes
-Sprinkle a small amount of salt on the leaves and let sit for 30 minutes (Truth be told, I usually just wait 5 ~ but originally this was how I was taught, so I pass on that suggestion to you) Doing this helps with the next step of the process and also likely pulls out a wee bit more water, but not certain on the science with that;)
-Now for the fun part.... if you haven't already wash your hands and remove rings.
-Drizzle a small amount of your oil of choice on the leaves in a bowl and start scrunching the Kale between your fingers. Quite literally massaging it. If you are not sure about how much oil to use, be conservative on first addition. You can always add more if necessary. After you do this for a minute or two the kale will take on a blanched look. It will take up less space and be almost iridescent.
-It is now ready to be the base of whatever salad you feel like making.

See for more detail re: why this works (warning just did a quick google search to find it) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/18/how-to-massage-kale_n_1601200.html

2)The salad dressing
In reality, you can use the kale above with any dressing (including kale caesars).
*white wine vinegar (when we are not on this current kick, balsamic is also lovely)
*olive oil (or oil of your choosing)
*A dollop of mustard (grainy mustard or yellow mustard are my go tos)
*A dollop of maple syrup ~ THOUGH clearly this is out this week
*pepper to taste

For our healthy version I would make a dressing with white wine vinegar (doesn't mess with our numbers, but also adds a bit of sweetness for the missing maple syrup), olive oil, a dollop of grainy mustard or yellow mustard and sliced up fresh herbs if you have any you'd like to use up. (Tonight I will be adding cilantro b/c I have a pile, but dill, basil, chives, etc. all taste great. If you don't have fresh herbs, not a worry ~ this will still be delic).

With the ingredients you choose, drop them all in a small bowel (or a jar) and give it a mix. Simple as that

2) Making the actual salad
Now that you have the base and dressing ready you can pretty much add anything you like.

I usually add something that adds/is from each of these categories:
*crunchy: Green beans sliced, sliced up brussel sprouts raw, fennel, red cabbage, zucchini, cabbage or celery

*additional green: edamame, flash steamed broccoli or peas. I have been known to add spinach or arugula to the salad ~ though if you do this, keep in mind this will not stay fresh the next day if you are hoping to have left overs for lunch.

*colour: peppers, tomatoes, kalamata olives, etc. (Sometimes something from the next category below)

*something slightly sweet: avocado, roasted beets, roasted sweet potatoes or I often add a few slices of a fruit ~ though that is out for this week : e.g. pears, berries, pomegranate seeds, sliced up apricots or grapefruit even.

*nut/seed :almonds, walnuts or pumpkin seeds (you can also toast these on their own or with braggs to give an asian flare/change in flavour)

*creamy ( if your count/diet allows for it): A few crumbles of goat cheese or feta cheese are my usual go tos

*protein: Black beans, grilled chicken or fish (e.g. salmon) are usually my go tos here. Can throw on top in slices or have on the side. Grilled tofu with braggs or grainy mustard and pepper also works well. I kind of hate hard boiled eggs, but I'd guess those would be an option for this category as well.

***I'm not a big onion person, so don't tend to add them to salads for myself. But red onions or spanish onions usually compliment most versions of this salad. Green onions are also always an option.

Apologies this is so long and not exact. The portions depend on:
a) how much kale you actually start with
b)What you have eaten already that day and what you might need more of
c)What you have in your kitchen
d) And honestly the flavours that you are drawn to.

That said, this salad is the one that I make which always surprises ppl who have not eaten kale raw before. Plus to boot, nine times out of ten peoples first time tasting results in that person leaving with the above summary.

Happy massaging.


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