Colin Gillis Technical Difficulties - Summary May 15,16,17,18

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Colin Gillis Technical Difficulties - Summary May 15,16,17,18

Post by ColinGillis on Tue May 19, 2015 4:24 am

Friday –
Breakfast 3 Eggs
Lunch – Hamburger ½ bun and Spinach salad
Supper – Smoked Salmon, 12 suchi
8 PM – can of tuna 3 celery

2 boiled Eggs
Can of tuna, whole cucumber and another can of tuna
3 Celery

2 Boiled Eggs
1 plain sausage 2 peppertrees
Tomato and Spinach salad balsamic vinegar
Steak, fiddle heads, mushrooms, eggplant
Snack – Ham

Breakfast – 3 shaved pieces of Ham with Tomato
Lunch – Can of tuna and stir fry cabbage, eggplant and spinach
Snack – precooked turkey sausage
Supper – Lettus wraps with lean ground pork
Snack – hmmm yummy 8 Brussel sprouts with pepper steamed


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